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Justin Trudeau

Don’t get me wrong. I love Justin Trudeau. I love him the way I love his father before him (I’m aware Pierre was never a prime minister when I was alive, but I have a giant political crush on him anyway).

He (Justin) is just too inexperience for me to want him leading a political party. Maybe in five years when he’s seen close-up how it’s done and worked out the kinks in the system, but right now, I seriously doubt his leadership abilities.

Though, really, I’d vote him over the Evil-Overlord-Darth-Sidious-Senator-Palpatine we have now.

Stephen Harper, when you decided that women didn’t mean enough to you for you to want women shelters open, and that fighter jets that increased the deficit excruciatingly were necessary for Canadians, and that pouring one hundred million dollars a month into a war we have no business fighting… when you decided to side with Israel over Palestine (and CLAIMING that you spoke for all Canadians) well, that was where you lost me.

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